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About 100°C

100°C is an initiative to raise public awareness and promote lasting change about crucial global issues through art, design and architecture. The name 100°C represents social and environmental issues coming to a boiling point – so it's time for us to act.

We believe that artists and other creative professionals share a responsibility to raise awareness and inspire action. 100°C is a bi-annual series that brings global artists together through a variety of public events.

This year, 100°C will kick off with the theme 'Wastewater' to pay tribute to World Water Day.


About World Water Day

Established by the UN in 1993, World Water Day is celebrated every year on 22nd March. It is a day to celebrate water and its integral role in human life and livelihood. It's also a call to make a difference for those suffering from water-related issues, and to advocate for sustainable water resource management. The theme of World Water Day 2017 is 'Wastewater'.


Where does the donation go?

Since 1998, A Drop of Life Limited (LLCS) has spearheaded a variety of charitable works, from raising funds to build rain-saving water cellars in the arid regions of Mainland China, to organising relief efforts for natural disaster victims, and contributing to global poverty relief programs. Their mission is to make access to clean water and sanitation a reality for everyone. In Hong Kong, A Drop of Life also organises large-scale variety shows for the elderly across the 18 districts, giving away gift packs and making regular visits to elderly homes.

One of A Drop of Life's key tools for ensuring clean water access is the Water Purification System, a device designed to provide boiled, filtered, and safe drinking water to the students of a single school in China. Filters help to remove undesirable chemicals, biological contaminants, and particulate matter. A single Water Purification System can benefit 130-150 students for HKD50,000, including materials and installation.

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